The division of Public Transport Passenger Control has 60 employees divided into 15 teams and 5 service vehicles.

The Control not only conducts inspection of passengers of public transport but also maintains order on public transport and seeks to provide the passengers with greater comfort and safety and reduce the number of antisocial persons riding on public transport.

Since 2017, the Control has carried out more than 15 surprises of various kinds and campaigns for the passengers, and their number has been increasing every year! The inspectors brought pleasant surprises to over 38 thousand passengers in Vilnius City.

In 2018, the inspectors spent about 92,165 hours conducting maintenance and inspection on public transport; in total, they inspected about 2.5 million passengers on public transport.

In 2018, carrier inspection software was installed which enables more efficient management and allows the carrier to react promptly to the identified and detected deficiencies;

In October of 2018, after updating the service transport and special equipment, the average time spent servicing one offender and drawing up a report was cut down by 25 percent, to 6 minutes.

In January 2017, after installing modern video cameras, the amount of passenger complaints decreased by 89 percent (9 times).

When performing the functions of inspection, the inspectors must have the inspector’s licence on a visible part of his/her clothing (at chest height).

The inspectors’ activities are governed by:


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