Education of public transport passengers

In order to improve the culture of public transport passengers and encourage friendly behaviour when riding buses and trolleybuses, we have prepared some educational videos. Important topics are presented in a playful manner: why it is so important not to be a fare dodger, how to pay when purchasing a ticket from a driver, why we should give up our seat to those in need, and why we must maintain order, avoid making noise and not disturb each other. The videos are shown in public transport vehicles, on screens located in Vilnius City Municipality, in Customer Service Centres, on social networks, during educational lessons for schoolchildren, and elsewhere.


There's one more here!

Do you notice pregnant women on public transport?
Do you give up your seat for them and pay attention to their safety?
Are you focused on something else when riding, failing to notice the pregnant women?

Special signs dedicated to pregnant women, THERE’S ONE MORE HERE, will help passengers notice the future moms. This is an important step towards a culture of friendly, understanding behaviour and communication on public transport. Each and every passenger is most welcome to join and do their part in building this culture.

Let’s create a safe environment for the babies who are on their way to the world as well as their mothers.

Last updated in: 2020 09 30